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Großhandels GmbH

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Authentic & fresh.


Scallops au gratin with tomato concasse and lobster bisque

Salad of seasonal wild herbs

Clear fish soup with sea bass, scallops and king prawns

Lentil soup with Breton lobster

Tuna sashimi

Tuna fish tartare with salad and toasted “Wurzelbrot” bread

Lobster salad (1/2 Breton lobster out of the shell)

Wild-caught king prawns with a spinach and sesame salad

Fresh from the saltwater tank:

Belon or/and Fine de Claire served on ice

Surf & turf with 1/2 Breton lobster and Bavarian fillet of beef

Whole Breton lobster with lobster bisque and vegetables

From the grill

Prawns with vegetables

Tuna steak with a basil coulis, soya sauce, ginger and wasabi

Breton sole pan-fried until crispy in butter and herbs*

Sea bream grilled until crispy and filled with herbs*

Wild-caught sea bass from Brittany, flavoured with herbs and pan-fried until golden brown*
(for a minimum of 3-4 people)

Fillet of Bavarian “Fleckvieh” beef with home-made herb butter

Wagyu entrecote from Nebraska with herb butter

* In the case of fish which is served whole, it is a tradition for customers to fillet the fish themselves.


A selection of homemade sorbets (basil, lemon, passion fruit, ...)

Warm chocolate cake with a liquid centre, accompanied by fruit and homemade vanilla ice cream

A selection of desserts of the day from our patisserie


Simple & good. Enjoy & share.

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